About me

I consider myself lucky having the oportunity to work with one of my major interests – Oracle databases.

After working with SQL Server for several years, i started my Oracle career in 1997 on version 7.3.4. From 2001 to 2005 i worked for two different firms in Norway  (first Applied Technologies, and then Anvendte Systemer) which represented Oracle University in Bergen, Norway. During these years I got the opportunity to teach the DBA courses from Oracle on version 8,9 og 10.

Between 2005 and 2016 I worked for one of the largest IT companies in Scandinavia, EVRY. During these years my main focus in the Oracle database world has been towards performance. For several years I worked in a operational department, but in 2008 I started to work in a development department. The last two years in EVRY I worked as the leader of the Oracle CoE team in Financial Services. Today I work for Right Consulting – which is a group of very talented people based in Oslo and Bergen – both in Norway. 

Whenever I get an occasion I presents Oracle database related material. For instance – I got a course serie in which I’ve called “Oracle – Performance By Awareness”, both for developers and DBAs. These 3-day courses I have been doing internally in EVRY for several years, and in different cities  both in Norway (Oslo, Trondheim and Bergen) and  in Sweden (Stockholm). When we know how Oracle works then we can write code that satisfy our performance requirements.

And at last: Why this blog? To become famous just as Tom Kyte? Definitely not. The purpose of this blog is mainly to increase my own knowledge and understanding of Oracle through writing my own notes on topics that I discover. I strongly believe that what we read or hear, we easily forget. But what we write ourselves and what we experience ourselves is more easily remembered and learned. If this also could be of help and support for others – then great. If others want to contribute by leaving their comment, this is also great! Please feel free!

I first wrote my blog notes in Norwegian (because this blog was actually ment for myself). Recently I’ve received some questions about writing in English. This must imply that there are people out there following this blog! Great!