Oracle Services

Jenssen Consulting (or JCon) is a trademark for consultant services from the author of these pages.

I can be hired for work related to Oracle Database, to execute or as an advisor for strategic choices related to the database, design, implementations or in problem situations (for instance performance problems, backup and recovery, general operational issues, upgrades , patching etc).

Through my earlier employers (Applied Technology and Anvendte Systemer) I’ve been lecturing the DBA courses held by Oracle on versjon 8i, 9i and 10g. I’ve also been lecturing internal courses og seminars on different database topics. On the performance topic I’ve been giving classes both towards operational ressources and towards developer resources. One of the lecture series I’ve presented for developers I’ve called “Oracle – Performance by Awareness”. This is a 3-5 day Oracle performance seminar.

The following companies have been using my services: EDB Business Partner, Telenor, Vesta, Vital, Scandiabanken, BKK, Sunnfjord Energi, Gaia, HSD,  Nera, Oddfjell Drilling and Ementor.