Architecture: “Don’t put the technology cart before the business horse”

Reading the article in the last Oracle Magazine I found this quote from Philip Wik:

“Don’t put the technology cart before the business horse”

I’ve seen too many projects using a ”company decided architecture”, choosing an architecture without weighting the real need of the system being built. Standardization might be good, but not when the standard prevents you from solving your initial task. In this perspective I believe projects should incorporate “make it perform and scale” into the goal of making applications work.

“It’s cool to talk about Web services, REST, EDA [electronic design automation], clouds, and so on,” says Wik. “But can I suggest a time-out? Let’s table a discussion of implementation technologies until we clearly know what we’re going to implement and why. We need to first know where our business is going and what it needs to meet the demands of the marketplace.”

It seems like big companies thinks that using a small number of technologies reduces their costs. But choosing the wrong technology could cost just as much or in the worse cases – a whole lot more. No matter how great a specific technology is or how well defined a particular standard is, if it does not have the right price- performance ratio for the business, the business should reject it.


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