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How PL/SQL can help improve your application design, and a lot more

As an Oracle resource taking part in development projects I’ve had the change to see how PL/SQL can actually increase the quality of both the application development and in application maintenance. In this article I’ll try to share this experience, and show how using PL/SQL will increase the quality of your application and your Oracle […]

I’m speaking at Tech14 in Liverpool in December

I just got an email confirming my presentation “Performance doesn’t happen by accident: Database performance for developers” at UKOUG Tech14 in Liverpool in December. This is my first presentation in the UK, and my first time attending the Tech conference. I’m really looking forward to this experience.

I’m speaking at Oracle OpenWorld 2014, San Francisco, in September/October

I’ve just registered in this years OpenWorld conference in San Francisco in september. Last time I attended was in 2012. The news this year is that I’m going to be a speaker. My call for paper “Performance doesn’t happen by accident: Database performance for DBAs” just got accepted. Look for session id CON1918. Hope to see […]

PLSQL: 11g datatypes for performance

I just got a tip regarding an article about new datatypes possibly increasing PL/SQL performance in 11g (Thank you Patrick). Here is the article:

11gR2: “Unlucky” combination of a new feature, a fix, application design and code

Sometimes a new feature (and/or a fix) could give some very unexpected results. In this article I’ll show how a mix between a 11g new feature (Adaptive Cursor Sharing), a fix (in 11.2, the obsolete threshold), application design (a separate schema for every customer), and code issues (not prefixing objects with schemaname, and bind datatype […]

New feature 11g: DBMS_SQLDIAG to dump 10053 trace

Almost everyday I learn a new 11g feature. Today I found this way to dump a 10053 trace for a existing cursor. I wanted to get a 10053 trace on a query already in library cache. I did not want to flush shared pool. I was thinking about gathering statistics with NO_INVALIDATE=false. But this was […]

End To End Metrics: A bridge between the developer and the DBA

First time I heard about end-to-end metrics was in a presentation given by Cary Millsap. The name of the presentation was “Thinking Clearly About Performance”. The presentation was great. One of the quotes that I really enjoyed was “Performance does not happen by accident! It’s a feature.”. One of the main topics in the presentation […]

OOW: Resolving Child Cursor Issues Resulting In Mutex Waits (Martin Klier)

PDF When talking about parsing we’ve been talking about different parsing scenerarios as hard parse, soft parse, softer soft parse and no parse. What was very interesting in this presentation was the introduction of a new parse scenario which he called the harder soft parse. This scenario is caused by the new feature in 11g […]