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PLSQL: Nice little overview of the PL/SQL language

I just came over these slides and nice little overview of the PL/SQL language by Morten Braten. The slides covers many good tips to follow when coding PL/SQL. It’s not ment to be an introduction to the PL/SQL language, so many topics are just mention briefly and would need to be followed by further reading and/or […]

PLSQL: Anonymous block to reset out-of-sync (too low) sequence

I wrote a short little PLSQL to fix an out-of-sync sequence issue. For some unknown reasons, there was stored primary key values in the database which was way larger than the currval for the dedicated sequence.

PLSQL: Using Datapump API with filter on multiple tables

The developers in one of the teams I work within wanted to export the tables in a schema with limited number of rows. This could of course be done by running  expdp command line.  But this time we needed to find the last x numbers of primary keys in one of the central tables and […]

Nice blog about DBMS_METADATA from Alex Nuijten

This blog post has been laying in my TO_READ folder for a long time. Finally found some time to catch up, and I especially liked the little piece of PL/SQL for remapping the schema.

How PL/SQL can help improve your application design, and a lot more

As an Oracle resource taking part in development projects I’ve had the change to see how PL/SQL can actually increase the quality of both the application development and in application maintenance. In this article I’ll try to share this experience, and show how using PL/SQL will increase the quality of your application and your Oracle […]

PLSQL: 11g datatypes for performance

I just got a tip regarding an article about new datatypes possibly increasing PL/SQL performance in 11g (Thank you Patrick). Here is the article:

Article: Faster Batch Processing and Logging by Mark rittman

I just read this article about efficient error handling when running batch jobs. This is somethink many DBAs and developers should put on their mind, and consider using next time they’re planning to do dataloads or batch jobs.

PL/SQL: Nice article by Feuerstein about the use of packages

In this article Feuerstein explains why, when and how to use packages. He also explains when stand alone functions and procedures might be preferred.