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Running Toad under wine in Ubuntu linux

Finally I got a description on how to run Toad for Oracle under wine in linux. The description is not quite “out-of-the-box”, but with a little fiddeling around I got it to work: I had to remove wine, and install the 1.4 version (just upgrading from 1.3 to 1.4 did not work). Then I […]

No more troubleshooting installing Oracle on Ubuntu

Actually the heading should have been: “No more running Oracle on Ubuntu”. After reading Wim Coekaerts blog about personal use of Oracle Linux, I realized how quick and easy you can get an Oracle database environment up and running. After 1-2 hours of downloading and installing, the Oracle Linux was running on my VirtualBox. After […]

Oracle Linux, Very Convenient (and Free) For Your Personal Use

Wim Coekaerts Blog: Now, at least I can get a copy of Oracle Linux for free (even if I was not working for Oracle) and I can/could use that on as many servers at home (or at my company if I worked elsewhere) for testing, development and production. I just go to and download the version(s) […]

“lsof” kommando: sjekke oppkoblinger på TCP/IP

Plukket opp en liten fin sak fra Tanel Poder angående lsof kommandoen. Kommandoen kan for eksempel benyttes til å liste åpne socket-er basert pånettverks protokoll, IP, port ol.

Howto install SQL Developer on Ubuntu

A collegue gave me this link about howto install Oracle SQL Developer on Ubuntu: