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OOW16 – Are we failing or will performance rise?

The last session I attended at OpenWorld 2016 was “Thinking Clearly About Database Application Architecture”. A panel discussion with Toon Koppelaars, Cary Millsap, Gerald Venzl, Bryn Llewellyn and Connor Mcdonald. The panelists promotes that the business logic should be moved into the database, and implemented using PL/SQL. And yes – I do get the message, but I just […]

An Oracle DBA at JavaZone – a fish on land?

Why in the world should an Oracle DBA spend two workdays at a Java conference like JavaZone. It doesn’t matter if the JavaZone is the third biggest Java conference in the world, serve great food all day long, have a concert at night with awesome bands, and – of course – you get a couple […]