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Old blog from Antognini regarding trace levels (10046)

Link to the blog:

Oracle 11g: New Locking behavior (modes) … an unexpected behavior. Or?

I just noticed some strange locking behavior in one of our production databases. It took me a while to reproduce this in test. I’ve based my example on Richard Foots blog “Oracle11g: New Locking Modes When Policing FK Constraints (A Wolf at the Door)”.

PLSQL: 11g datatypes for performance

I just got a tip regarding an article about new datatypes possibly increasing PL/SQL performance in 11g (Thank you Patrick). Here is the article:

11gR2: “Unlucky” combination of a new feature, a fix, application design and code

Sometimes a new feature (and/or a fix) could give some very unexpected results. In this article I’ll show how a mix between a 11g new feature (Adaptive Cursor Sharing), a fix (in 11.2, the obsolete threshold), application design (a separate schema for every customer), and code issues (not prefixing objects with schemaname, and bind datatype […]

New feature 11g: DBMS_SQLDIAG to dump 10053 trace

Almost everyday I learn a new 11g feature. Today I found this way to dump a 10053 trace for a existing cursor. I wanted to get a 10053 trace on a query already in library cache. I did not want to flush shared pool. I was thinking about gathering statistics with NO_INVALIDATE=false. But this was […]

End To End Metrics: A bridge between the developer and the DBA

First time I heard about end-to-end metrics was in a presentation given by Cary Millsap. The name of the presentation was “Thinking Clearly About Performance”. The presentation was great. One of the quotes that I really enjoyed was “Performance does not happen by accident! It’s a feature.”. One of the main topics in the presentation […]

No more troubleshooting installing Oracle on Ubuntu

Actually the heading should have been: “No more running Oracle on Ubuntu”. After reading Wim Coekaerts blog about personal use of Oracle Linux, I realized how quick and easy you can get an Oracle database environment up and running. After 1-2 hours of downloading and installing, the Oracle Linux was running on my VirtualBox. After […]

After upgrading from Oracle 9i to 11g

Saturday we upgraded one of our Oracle databases in production from version 9 to 11g Release 2. Yes – you heard right! From Oracle 9i … Well it’s a long story, and I’ll leave that for now. What I do want to blog about is some of the changes in Oracle 11g. I’ve used Oracle […]